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    Remington Bicycles Copenhagen
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Get inspired by the fine lines, elegant design, and carefully selected colors.

Be stylish, bold, and authentic.

"We have chosen a collection of bikes that can inspire you to be yourself,

and make a statement of style wherever you go. Meet your new best friend, in sunny and rainy weather,

in the train and all the way to your appartment."


Our bikes are easy to be together with.


"Wherther you dare to dive into the depths of a  seductive Rubin Red, be a Classic Black, or look forward to accessorising with a chic New Green, our new exclusive collection awaits."


While looking at our Remington Bicycles up and down, 

it can be noticed that they are light and slim.



They have simple frames, thin and delicate, 

and easy to handle.


The wheels are also thin, 

contributing to the lightness of the bike. 


There are no unnecessary constructions 

that would add extra weight.


"Our bicycles are especially created for a comfortable experience in crowded areas and busy lives"